Benefits of Mags

Mag wheels, or alloy wheels, are made of a blend of super sturdy metals blended with aluminium, a lightweight metal. When combined into one, mag wheels offer strength, lightweight feel and a shiny look.

Why are they called mags?

Alloys are mixtures of a metal and other elements. ... Because light-alloy wheels at the time were often made of magnesium (often referred to as "mags"), these early wheel failures were later attributed to magnesium's low ductility, when in many instances these wheels were poorly cast aluminium alloy wheels.

Are rims and mags the same thing?

'Mags' is an old school term used to describe Magnesium rims, which are pretty much race only. Rims is the term most people use, but Rims applys to pretty much any wheel. There are steel and aluminum rims.