When to check your Wheel Alignment

We have received numerous questions regarding wheel alignment and to answer these questions properly we need to start with a better understanding of wheel alignment.

Wheel Alignment:

An important fact to know is that while your wheels / tyres may bear the impact of your wheel alignment, wheel alignment is not only limited to you wheels and tyres; instead the alignment has more to do with the suspension of your motor car working properly. This process is called wheel alignment because you “bend” the castor and camber so that the wheels “align” correctly with the road, resulting in even tyre wear, the car driving straight if you leave the steering wheel.

Understanding this, we are now able to answer the following question:

When should I check my Wheel Alignment?

Check your wheel alignment based on your motor every 6 months or 10 000km. However, regardless of the recommendations, there are situations when the alignment should be checked.

After any Accident or Impact to your Car:

Even an insignificant accident like running into a curb or hitting a pothole can have an influence on your car's alignment. It does not even have to harm your motor car or vehicle to alter just one wheel far enough out of alignment to have a noticeable impact on fuel usage, tire wear and steering.

Before any long Trip:

Sustained high-speed driving magnifies the effect of misaligned tyres specially to tyre wear and fuel usage.

At least – Once a year!

Manufactures base their wheel alignment checks on the numbers of kilometres driven, it is regularly a good idea to check the wheel alignment at least once a year regardless of the kilometres driven. Daily bumps, and city driving can compound to a slight misalignment that will grow over time.

At Domingo we have the right equipment to check and fix your wheel alignment. We sport a wide variety of Tyre brands, shocks and mags for you, making your visit to our dealership easy, fast and effective.

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